Welcome to Yoga classes including both physical yoga, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and meditation.

Yoga is traditionally not meant as just a physical training. Yoga is a way of releasing tension in the body and mind, so that you can rest in yourself. There are a whole range of yogic techniques, and using the physical poses without including other methods, might mean missing a deeper aspect of the benefits of yoga.

In this form each class is seen as a process. Starting with the physical movements and poses (asanas), prepares the body for the more subtle breathing exercises (pranayama). The breathing exercises then lead on to deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), which brings you into a state where the mind is receptive to the meditation at the end of the class. Practising in this way is using yoga as a science of awareness. The awareness you develop opens up your understanding and appreciation of your body and mind, and of your life.