Meditation is a method to increase awareness. Awareness of the present moment, and awareness of the contents of your own mind; the thoughts, what you identify with, your reactions etc. – and ultimately the stillness behind all this.

The process of meditation isn’t about judging or analyzing yourself or your surroundings – it involves relaxed attention.

With practise, meditation becomes easy and enjoyable. If you do it regularly you’ll soon notice the benefits. When you know yourself better, a lot of confusion falls away – you start to feel a lightness of heart.

In the form of yoga that I teach, these four aspects – physical poses, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation – are used in every class. This gives a thorough, comprehensive and harmonious effect: mental and physical rejuvenation.
Yoga is a spiritual practice – but that doesn’t mean that you need to have particular beliefs, or behave in a particular way. As you relax, you will rest more in yourself, and your response to life and the people around you will come less from fear, or confusion, and more from your inner centre.