Nicola Birch/Gyanashakti

has been teaching yoga, breath work and meditation full-time for 20 years.

Formerly, Nicola trained and worked as a physio-therapist in Stockholm, mainly with cardiac- and respiratory patients, which gave her extensive knowledge and experience with physiology and the breath.
While in Stockholm Nicola started attending classes at Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation school (, which specialises in Classical Yoga and Tantric meditation.
After attending an intense 3 month retreat at the residential centre in southern Sweden, Nicola did the residential yoga teacher training and lived in the yoga ashram for seven years, immersing herself in the practices, running the school together with the other teachers, and helping and teaching the many students who came on the courses.
Nicola moved to London in 2007, where she teaches in various venues, studios and gyms, and also privately in people’s homes.
She regularly returns to Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation school, where she attends seminars and also teaches on the retreats.
Nicola: “Practising yoga and meditation for hours every day I experienced such strong energy, and such clarity, such a sense of well-being, and such lightness in the body.
I realised that these practices are life-changing, and felt a strong inspiration to pass them on to others. What better way to help than to give people tools for daily life that they can use themelves?”